Kanesu Manufacture Noodles Co., Ltd.Kanesu Manufacture Noodles Co., Ltd.

Established in 1907,
Kanesu Manufacture Noodles Co., Ltd. has a history of over a century.

We will continue to preserve the traditional tastes of Japan.

How to boil noodles
as recommended by a "hand-stretched noodle craftman"

Our Products

  • 2021.9.1
    These are Kanesu Manufacture Noodles' best-selling products. The QR code on the product connects you to original Tororo Soba recipes supervised by SHOKUBUN. Enjoy this soba, with yam flour kneaded in, both hot and cold at any time of the year.
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  • 2021.3.1
    New Thick-Cut Soba! We have released our new Thick-Cut Soba. This soba features thick noodles that readily pick up grated daikon. It's the perfect soba for enjoying plenty of grated daikon, a vegetable packed with nutrition good for the body.
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  • 2021.3.31
    Uji Matcha Soba, Uji Hojicha Soba, Uji Gyokuro Soba – Now available!!  This authentic Cha Soba Series contains tea ingredients produced by tea master Suehiro Yoneda under the concept of "A brand new kind of Cha Soba." These soba products are made with 100% tea leaves from Kyoto Prefecture. We offer gift items as well. We hope you will enjoy these.
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  • 2021.4.1
    Now on sale! Perfect for baby food! Hello Kitty Three-Color Short Vegetable Somen
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